Healing Communities next meeting will be October 26, 2012, 9:00 am at Church on The Rock, 1780 W Memorial Rd, OKC. We will kickoff with a special event hosting Dr. Harold D. Trulear of Philadelphia, PA the National Director of Healing Communities – Balancing Justice with Mercy. All are welcome to attend.

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Who We Are

Christian churches across Oklahoma are awakening to the need for bringing healing and reconciliation to four groups of people "impacted by crime" - victims of crime, the families of victims of crime, ex-offenders, and families of the incarcerated. All these groups tend to be stigmatized in our culture, but all have two things in common:

1. They are all negatively impacted by crime and the criminal justice system.

2. There are members of all these groups embedded in local church congregations today.

The Healing Communities concept can be as simple as the pastor of the church standing in the pulpit and making it known that the stigmatization, hurt, wounding, and brokenness are going to be talked about, prayed over, and hopefully reconciled, and that healing will be the goal. Such a declaration has had major impact on many church members across the country, as they realize they don't have to be isolated any more, but that their church has become a "Station of Hope".

For our communities to truly be healed from the impact of crime, we must learn to walk together in forgiveness, mercy, and reconciliation. Any church is welcome. Won't you join us?

To learn more details about how your congregation can embrace this concept, you can surf to the Healing Communities national website, www.healingcommunitiesusa.org.

Healing Communities USA

an initiative of the Philadelphia Leadership Foundation

What We Are Doing

In Oklahoma, we are conducting a formal study of the Healing Communities concept. It is a joint venture between the Oklahoma Department of Corrections Victim Services Team and the Oklahoma Partnership for Successful Reentry, Inc.

Several "pilot sites" -- local churches in the Oklahoma City metro area, of various ethnic orientations and economic levels -- were selected. The list of them is here. These churches have undergone formal training for a full implementation of the Healing Communities concept.

But any church is free to download the information and make their congregation a "Station of Hope" for those impacted by crime. In recognition of this unique opportunity, we have created a broad network for every church to plug into, thus "The Oklahoma League of Healing Communities".

The charter for the group is available below.


How You Can Join Us

Joining the Oklahoma League of Healing Communities is simple and easy. Just show up at our next meeting to learn how to turn your church into a "Station of Hope". There is no cost associated with Healing Communities -- that is because it is THE CHURCH BEING THE CHURCH!